beauty treatments you can do in your lunch break

beauty treatments you can have in your lunch hour;

As much as I love to look my best, it is hard to carve out time for  “beauty maintenance” during a busy work week. And sometimes I could use a mani so badly. I prefer spending some quality time with friends and family at the weekend, and limit my spa time for combined treatments a.k.a. “beauty renovation“. But you know what? There are beauty treatments that you can do in your lunch break! Spending your lunch hour at the spa can be refreshing, you feel like you did something for yourself and you won’t have the guilt trip of taking time away from your family.

1. facial

A 30 minute facial on the go is the best pick me up during lunch. You’ll get a good cleanse, exfoliating, a mask and a light massage for a fresh looking, glowing skin and you’re good to go!

2. manicure

Well maintained nails are the perfect way to complete your professional look. A quick, refreshing manicure is a great way to get some rest and distraction from work and you’ll get great looking nails and will have some drying time. Make sure to skip the fancy add-ons, you only have time for the basics.

3. massage

Sometimes those stress nuts get out of control and all you can focus on is your pain in your shoulders. Monthly massage would be ideal, however if your schedule doesn’t allow that, then just get a 30 minute massage to loosen up your shoulders and neck. This can take the edge off and leave you refreshed.

4. spray tan

Spray tan will only take 15 – 20 minutes, so you can actually have lunch and get a nice tan.

5. shampoo and blow dry

I remember my mom used to (and still does) go to her hairdresser every week for a shampoo and blow dry. For her this is a little bit of luxury to feel great plus she never felt like she could blow dry her hair the right way. If you happened to have one of those mornings and you’re scheduled for a client meeting in the afternoon, why don’t you have your stylist do a little magic in half an hour?

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  • Zarrah Jane

    I didn’t know that I can do that on my lunch break not until i read this.

    I actually can do those stuff if I make up myself and think that I can do that :)

    I have tried the mani and pedi during lunch break and it’s so worth it.

    I hope i can do it again lol

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  • Sarah
  • Lindsay Ava

    Love these ideas, what a nice treat to have in a lunch break. Definitely great ideas rather than just not doing it for months and months, especially with massages! :)

  • Blaire Bingham

    Sometimes the quickest beauty trips are the best! Especially the manicure! I feel like a new woman every time!
    xo, Whitney and Blaire
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  • Jennifer Jayne

    These are great ideas. I would love to dash off now and get my nails done!

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  • Alecia Mariana

    Ah, I could use all of these right about now 😉


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  • Ashley White

    I love the idea of a little pampering over lunch! :)

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  • jen avery

    Such great ideas!

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  • Melange-Boutique by Noe&Lolita

    Thanks for sharing…sure I’ll follow all of them

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  • Danielle Arsenault

    I am a big fan of getting a mani during the work day – always such a good treat!
    xoxo Danielle

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  • Lisa @ Daily Style Finds

    These are great tips – and a reminder that it a little refresher can be enough to get us through the week!

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  • TickleyourVanity

    Great post to remind me that I need a facial! 😉

  • BamBam

    Wow you look fab, love these summer photos and the outfit. btw useful post, love it

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  • Heidi D.

    I love the idea of a mid day massage!

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