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You want to grow professionally and get opportunities. You want to be the one who gets to be chosen for a promotion. But how to get there? What does it take to be a highly successful employee? Good education and marketable skills are the basic. They only get your foot in the door. The rest is up to you. Doesn’t it seem all so easy for the ones who actually made it? But is it really?

What are the habits of successful employees and how do you become one?


1. dress for the job you want

You probably heard it so many times that it’s become a cliché. Yet, a professional demeanor, the way you approach your job and how you interact with your colleagues is SO IMPORTANT! Just look at those above you and the way they represent themselves.

2. speak up in meetings

This might sound tough when you are sitting in a large meeting with a bunch of department heads and executives, or you don’t know what’s going on. Don’t let that intimidate you! You certainly don’t want to speak up just for the sake of speaking up. But if you don’t have a suggestion, advocating to a coworker’s point of view or asking a well thought-out question will go just as far.

3. take charge

I can’t stand hearing those “It is what it is.” or “Oh, well not much I can do about it.” statements when a project unexpectedly slows down or the team faces some challenges. This is an opportunity to take charge and think out of the box.

4. impress across the company

It’s not just your immediate supervisor who you want to impress. The most successful employees network and work hard to impress the receptionist, the clerk in the mail room and their peers and superiors. This may sound harsh but you are nothing without a team on your side when it comes to making things happen.

5. show up on time and stay professional

Do you happen to have a boss who misses deadlines, arrives late for meetings or gossips about other employees? Very discouraging, isn’t it? Dependability and a constant professional demeanor are huge.

6. think like managers

Successful players don’t wait to be told what to do next. They think of what needs to be done next and they do it before they are told to do it by their boss. They pitch in when a project deadline is approaching fast and help out training new employees on board. Bottom line, go the extra mile to make your mark!

7. document and communicate your accomplishments

Your boss probably thinks that you do a fantastic job, but you can’t expect him/her to keep a tally of your accomplishments. It’s your job to keep a record and don’t be shy to communicate them at your reviews.

8. identify inefficiencies

In the in the first 6 months of you starting a job, you are exposed to a lot of new information and learn company policies and procedures. Since you are coming from outside, you may notice things that could be done better that your coworkers don’t see because “that’s the way it works“. Don’t shy away from asking questions or pointing out areas that could be done better. Big one here: always have suggestions for doing things more efficiently. You don’t want to look like the jerk who just criticizes from the high horse.

9. own up to their mistakes and commit to learning

The most successful people are asking questions, attending conferences and courses, and always working to improve upon their skill set and learn something new. They are also humans and make mistakes, they own up to them and move onto figuring out a way to fix those mistakes (and never do them again).

10. they are comfortable with pressure

This is challenging. In order for you to get “comfortable” with pressure and stay cool and collected, you have to get out of your comfort zone. So when that impromptu meeting with the CEO happens, you won’t sweat it.

All this sounds great, but it certainly requires for you to like your job and be within an organization that allows you to grow. Otherwise, what’s the point?

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