10 best uses and benefits of witch hazel

10 best uses and benefits of witch hazel; http://redreticule.com

Don’t you just “love” that huge selection of products and their benefits for skin and health of this day and age? You walk into Sephora and there are at least 162 different options for a cleanser (I get confused by just looking at them) and each one seems to be the same but slightly different stuff. You end up buying a brand that you heard of before (that must mean nothing but good, right?) because they market the crap out of it and it ends up leaving you unsatisfied. …for the 10th time. How frustrating!

Your 20s are for figuring out your skin and what works for you. This is the decade to experiment. Your 30s are for getting back to basics, stick to a skin care routine with certain must have ingredients and remember what grandma used to apply to keep her skin so flawless. Because she knew it all and that’s why she looked so wonderful in her 50s and 60s.

I had so much stuff in my bathroom while hubby and I were dating, it was scary (to him, lol). Years ago, I stopped buying fancy toners and picked up a bottle of witch hazel instead. I swear by it since and here’s why:

10 best uses and benefits of witch hazel


1. get rid of pimples

Witch hazel has astringent qualities and it reduces redness and inflammation. It can do wonders to make those nasty pimples go away, as a matter of fact witch hazel does a better job than a fancy cream would do.

2. improve redness

My skin is very sensitive and it turns red by the smallest irritation. Witch hazel calms your skin wonderfully and overall improves your skin tone.

3. minimize pores

That’s a big one! Always go over your face with some witch hazel after you shower or after you’re done taking your make up off to reduce the appearance of pores.

4. reduce eye puffiness

Leave cotton balls soaked in witch hazel on your puffy eyes for 1 – 2 minutes. The result is immediate! You’ll be amazed how much tighter and fresher your skin will look.

5. heal bruises

Do you find mysterious bruises on your limbs and for the love of God you can’t remember how they got there? Welcome to the club! Use some witch hazel to speed up recovery and reduce redness.

6. treats sunburn

Witch hazel is must have when treating a sunburn. It cools the skin and prevents it from peeling.

7. wrinkle free skin

Did you know that this miraculous plant has anti-aging effects as well? Using witch hazel on a daily basis will slow down the aging process and keep your skin elastic for years to come! And it’s so much cheaper than any of those fancy toners out there.

8. calms irritated, itchy skin

Witch hazel is also perfect for itchy and irritated skin. Hubby has very sensitive skin and by leaving a cotton ball soaked in witch hazel on his irritated area makes a huge difference and it makes the itch go away.

9. cleans up and freshens up your skin

Stop spending money on fancy toners and try witch hazel instead! I use it twice a day before I apply moisturizer. I takes off the last bit of dirt and excessive oils.

10. keep your skin moisturized

I pour witch hazel in a spray bottle and use it as a mist throughout the day when I feel that my skin is getting dry due to the A/C or heat. It gives my face an immediate refreshing effect and bridges the gap until I can apply moisturizer.

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    I’ve never used it, but after reading this it looks like I need to get some!

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    I knew witch hazel had healing properties, but I didn’t know it did all this! Thanks for all the info!

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    I love all these witch hazel uses- I have some in my bathroom and need to reach for it more often! :)

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    I keep getting overwhelmed with products in stores as well. I am slowly transitioning to more natural skin care products. I have heard about rose pedal and witch hazel. Thank you for this great information. Your skin is beautiful, I will give this a try.
    My skin is really sensitive so this might work for me.
    Michele xx

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    It has so many benefits <3 This must be a fabulous product!!!


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    I love witch hazel, but had no clue it reduced eye puffiness! Good to know!


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    I do use it occasionally, but you made me want to step up my game :)