how to decompress after a stressful day

best ways to decompress after a stressful day;

It’s been one of those days. Too much going on at the same time, deadlines are coming up, you are putting out fire all day and by the time you can take a break it’s 4PM. We’ve all been there. You want to be your best but some days all things come at you at the same time which makes it hard for you to keep your chin up and not get a headache. You feel like your battery has been drained and there doesn’t seem to be enough sleep time or play time to recharge.

The trick is that you distract yourself and focus on something completely different to allow yourself to “de-stressify” and recharge. …and sometimes you come up with the most genius solutions when you don’t think of the problem at all.

Here’s my idea on how to decompress after a stressful day

1. get some groove on

This is probably not the time to sit in a big, empty and QUIET room. Turn on an upbeat music on a high enough volume so the tune starts to get in through one ear and all the thoughts that bother you out the other.

2. light

Let some light in! Open up the blinds and a window for fresh air. This sounds so cliche but it does make a difference.

3. keep busy

The worst thing you can do is sit by yourself and do nothing. …because this allows your little grey cells to run around in circles and worry. Get your nails done, do some housework or get out and get some grocery shopping done. However small of an errand it may be, just do it so your mind gets occupied with a meal plan or choosing a nail polish rather than driving you nuts.

4. stay positive

It’s so easy to blame our misery on other people or circumstances, play the victim and be negative. To use Bryan Dodge’s words here: “Nothing changes until you change; once you change everything changes.” It takes an effort to be positive and you have to keep practicing it to make it a habit. Once optimism and a positive outlook becomes your habit, life changes for the better and you’ll handle challenging tasks with much more cool.

5. vent

Having a friend who you can call any time is invaluable. A good friend will give you a much more rational perspective about whatever you’re stressing out about or overthinking. It helps to have a confidant who listens and comforts you.

6. work it out

Do a cardio or jog around the neighborhood! Workout helps in getting you into a better mood, plus it will exhaust you that allows your body to rest and get in a long sleep (after a warm bath).

7. escape into your hobby

Having a hobby that allows you to focus on something other than what’s bothering you can make all the difference! If you haven’t figured out yet what floats your boat, I recommend you do.

8. budget

A lot of times you bring stress to your workplace rather than the other way around, and a lot of times it’s financial issues. Budget each month and know where your paycheck is going every other week. Take control over your finances, have a plan and know where you need to cut back.

9. dress up

I know, I know! This is probably the absolute last thing on your mind. Yet, you will kick yourself during lunch hour why didn’t put in an extra 15 minutes to get ready to feel more confident. Trust me, wearing clothes that make you feel good will take one thing off your mind and allow you to focus on things that need to be done and boost your confidence.

10. count your blessings

I can’t help but quote Bryan Dodge again on thins one: “Good people appreciate what they have when they have it. Average people appreciate what they have only after they lose it.” This is a powerful thought. You may be going through tough times and think it cannot get any worse. It can. Your attitude towards any challenges life throws your way makes all the difference in the quality of your life. Be positive, be persistent and always bring energy home!

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    Venting helps me, sometimes you just need to tell someone everything that is bothering you.

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    This is such great tips to relax and stress out a bit.

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