how to quit your job gracefully

how to quit your job gracefully; tips on hpw to plan your exit and make it easy on your boss and colleagues;

You’ve made up your mind. This is it! You want to move on. Your current job doesn’t challenge you, you feel like you don’t improve and you’re far from being passionate about what you do. It’s time to move on. Once you’ve made the decision, you’ve got to tell your family members, trusted friends, and, most importantly, your boss. How can you do this gracefully, without burning any bridges?

how to quit your job gracefully


make a plan

Making the decision on quitting your job is just the tip of the iceberg! What’s next? Do you have a plan? Will you focus on starting your own business or being a contractor or a freelancer? Do you have another job lined up? In order to successfully quit, you need a game plan! …and you have to start working on that game plan way before you put in your notice. Come up with a cohesive plan of what your next move will be, then start to take the steps towards your goal.

 meet with your trusted ones

Once you’ve got your plan, speak with your most trusted friends and family members. Get their input on your decision and plan. A lot of times they will give you realistic perspectives and may suggest you avenues that you didn’t think of trying. People in your inner circle will support you and fill you up with energy to help you get through this difficult time.

be prepared

Before you set up a meeting with your boss, look over your contract and find out what you are entitled to once you quit. Want a letter of recommendation? If your boss is super busy, have a rough draft written and ask him / her to simply edit it. Have a list of bullet points of what you are going to say. This will make you feel more confident when going into the meeting.

give two weeks

When quitting any job, it’s customary to give two weeks’ notice to an employer. You don’t have to, but why would you want to burn bridges? You never know when people are going to circle back into your life. Even though you may be fed up and not want to work a single minute longer, be professional! You’ve made it through this far, another two weeks won’t kill you, will it? This allows your employer to start searching for your replacement and you can make sure that you close out all your projects and do any necessary training. Be reachable to your coworkers via text or email a couple weeks after your departure in case any questions come up.

be positive

Focusing on the negative is never good. Telling your boss all the things you hated about him / her and working for the company isn’t going to do anyone good. Stay positive! Be prepared to answer the question “Why are you quitting?” in a professional manner. Don’t get personal at your work place! Ever! Even if it’s an emotional exit interview! When your boss asks you about any feedback on what could be done better, have specific examples. If you communicated those issues before and / or tried to improve them, but your ideas were never approved or followed up on, make sure to make a note of that.

 continue to get the job done

As much as you want to slack off during your final two weeks, don’t. Continue to bring your best up until your last day with your employer.


Finding a new job that you’re excited about and going through with your exit can be a long and stressful process. Make sure that you celebrate with a bottle of bubbly and enjoy it with your favorite dinner. You deserve it! New challenges are ahead!

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    These are such great tips- definitely best for making what can be an uncomfortable situation more pleasant + professional.

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    Great tips! When I left my last job I gave a month’s notice just to tie up any loose ends. And the day I left I remember feeling sad, sick to my stomach, and happy all at the same time. Great post!


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    Wonderful advice! I’ll definitely gonna keep these in mind! Luckily right now I am trying to make it on my own. Hugs!

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