the must haves in your bag

the must haves every working woman should carry

You are busy. You want to be prepared for any accidents that may happen during the day, fix them and not give them a second thought. Have you had any “accidents” right before an important meeting and that was all you could think about? The past several years taught me a few lessons to be more practical when it comes to the content of my handbag.

the must haves in your bag


1. travel sized wipes

These mini wipes come in so handy when your hands feel sticky while commuting and you desperately need to wash your hands. They also a do a decent job wiping away stains on your outfit (not talking about coffee spilled all over your off white blazer).

2. note pad and pen

This may sound a bit old fashioned, yet I think there’s no excuse not to take your favorite notebook with you. You can jot down ideas or mind map without wasting the battery on your phone. …or give your number to the perfect stranger you met at the coffee shop.

3. pain relief

Have you ever been in a situation when you had a splitting headache and nobody in the office had any pain relief? Pain relief is a crucial item in your handbag. It takes the edge off when you need to push through that meeting and focus.

4. eye drops

Staring at the screen all day can dry your eyes out. I wear contact lenses which complicates things a little. By the time 2:00PM comes around, I am ready to scratch my eyes out. Eye drops help tremendously to soothe and refresh the eyes.

5. refreshing mist

Keeping a mist with you may sound a nice-to-have rather than a must have, but once you try it you can’t live without it. If your skin gets dehydrated easily and it feels tight because of dryness like mine does, a bit of hydration spray is just what you’ll need.

6. transparent nail polish

How many times did this happen to you? You snagged your tights 5 minutes prior to a crucial meeting. The ideal circumstance is that you’re close to a powder room and put on your spare tights, which is hardly ever the case… You can stop things from getting worse with some transparent nail polish.

7. tissues / q-tips

These things saved me many faux pas in the past. A tissue or a q-tip are quick fixes for a smudged eye liner or the lipstick getting out of place. Not to mention a runny nose caused by walking from the cold outside into a warm office.

8. vaseline

Vaseline is a must have in the winter months. It is perfect for dry lips, dry skin and you can even polish your shoes if something got on them.

9. dark chocolate

I don’t go anywhere without a square of dark chocolate in my purse. Studies show that eating a little bit of dark chocolate helps your brain function better. I remember eating a square of dark chocolate back in high school right before my exams and I kept that habit in my adult life. Chocolate is a great option when it’s too late for coffee and you need a few more hours focus time at work.

10. mini lint roller

Ever experienced this? You ready to leave for work and do one more check in the mirror to make sure everything is in place. Then you walk out the door, arrive at work and notice all those tiny lints or pet hair all over your favorite black blazer? I have had one too many of those situations. A mini lint roller is such a handy dandy little tool that takes care of things like this in no time on the go.

11. sanitary wear

Ladies! Who else – besides me – doesn’t keep track of their cycle? It gets embarrassing when I have to think really hard at my regular check ups. If you’re in the same boat with me, then keeping some mini items in your handbag is a must.

12. plasters

New shoes? We all know the pain of a pair of great looking but uncomfortable shoes. Don’t let yourself be caught out without any protection from nasty rubbing shoes. You can also bring a pair of roll up flats with you if you’re tempted to change shoes.

What are the must haves in your bag?

Photo by Rick Robillard

  • Ashley White

    I always keep ibuprofen + face mist with me- you never know when a headache will strike or you need a little spritz to pick you up. :)

    Le Stylo Rouge

  • Whitney

    I love that you have chocolate in your bag! Mine is so big I have way too much stuff in it!!


    Whitney & Blaire

    Peaches In A Pod

  • Susie @SequinsandStrawberries

    This is a great round up of what’s needed! I constantly wish I had rewetting drops for my contacts, you’d think I would add them in by now huh?


  • Lisa @ Daily Style Finds

    Great list, Bogi! I am with you on the chocolate!

    Daily Style Finds

  • Laura

    Most of these are in my purse, but you thought of a few great extras! Fantastic ideas!

  • Kileen

    i know it sounds silly but i need to be better about keeping a pen in my bag! for some reason, it’s never there when i need it!

    cute & little

  • Cara Northcutt

    Hehe love the dark chocolate – I keep almonds in my bag but wouldn’t mind some chocolate for those cravings too. I completely agree on the eyedrops and q-tips!

    xx Cara

  • Jacqueline Rendine

    These are great! There are many times I wished I would have put these times in my bag!



    Stylin In St. Louis

  • Helen Veyna

    I think that these are all great essentials to carry in your bag at all times. You never know when you’ll have an emergency! That being said, I probably need to invest in a bigger bag to fit all these items. 😉


  • Happinessatmidlife

    I wished I could carry that many things in my purse but it already weights a ton. I do always have chapstick and breath mints.


    Would love to see you Thursday for TBT Fashion link up.

  • Elmira Vatsni

    Great ideas and they are truly necessities and should be in my purse too but I am afraid I am not that organized.
    Well Put Together