trick yourself into not hating mondays

trick yourself into not hating mondays REDRETICULE.COM

It’s engraved in our brains. Mondays are cruel. Especially when a well deserved weekend got cut short after a demanding work week and now you are forced to jump back into to do lists, deadlines and meetings.

I already teased out the best ways to get the most out of your Sundays and be ready for the new work week.  What to do when the alarm goes off Monday morning?

There are few things you can plan for Monday that will help you kick off the new week in great spirits. Trick yourself into not hating Mondays by doing some fun stuff that you enjoy!

plan out your day

The more prepared you are for a new work week, the less you will be stressed out by the thought of Monday. Whether you do this the night before, or the morning of, it’s helpful to know exactly what’s heading your way come Monday. Even if it just means taking mental stock of everything on your to-do list, the simple act of checking in with what you have to do will put your mind at ease.

wear a new purchase

Wearing something new does something to the psyche — everything just feels a little more special and full of opportunity. Even if it’s something small or only recently purchased, it can be the little lift you need to go into Monday.

set a work lunch date

Meeting a friend, your hubby or an old colleague for lunch is something to look forward to. You’ll be amazed by how much an out-of-office lunch can change the tone of a workday. Even if you’re slammed on Mondays, at least make it a point for an afternoon coffee run with a co-worker or friend who works nearby.

don’t jam your calendar

Don’t schedule any meetings for at least the first half of your Monday if possible. Monday mornings at the office are for staff meetings, priority lists, scanning through your emails and finishing up anything outstanding from your previous week.

plan something after work

Have something to look forward to after the workday. Be it a happy hour, watching your favorite TV show, or getting a massage. Whatever it is, having a light at the end of the tunnel will give whatever Monday blues you’re experiencing a little silver lining.

Here’s another perspective or trick to not hating Mondays: 

Monday is a fresh start, a new canvas! You are the only one who can set the tone for the new week! Mondays are the door to exciting new opportunities, changing habits to be a better person and get another step closer to your dream.


Have a great start!

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    Such great tips babe

    Perfect for the monday blues.

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    You are so right!! We should love every day and enjoy our moments on earth! Besides looking your best never hurts…and you look great! jodie

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    These tips will surely help in beating the Monday blues! Love your formal outfit <3

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    What great tips to get you through the start of the week!

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    I love Mondays, they feel like a new start and new opportunity to do better. Great post!


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    Thanks for all these wonderful tips for making Monday’s more enjoyable. I love your outfit. I love the mix of prints!


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    I love these tips on learning how to not hate Mondays! I like the idea of planning a happy hour on Monday because it gives you something to look forward to and it’s a fun way to start off the week.


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    Cool tips! Mondays are not fundays for sure but with some motivation it can be bit pleasant and I totally agree on wearing a new buy! :)

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    You are so stylish is unfair! hehe! Love this post, darling! I am a Monday person. I love a new week and a new start! Hugs!

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    I love the idea of wearing a new purchase. Days when I’m feeling overwhelmed or sub par I always try to overcompensate by dressing up. I find it really helps lift my spirits. Great tips!

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    These are great tips! Love them. And will print this out for next Monday!!

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