what you need to know when your boss is a woman

what you need to know when your boss is a woman; http://redreticule.com

There is a lot of stereotypes about female bosses. Bossy, emotional and the list goes on. On top of proving yourself in your managerial position, do you also have to prove everyone wrong about those cliches? I don’t think so. It’s so easy to criticize until you get promoted into the position of a boss, isn’t it?  None of the female bosses I’ve met have been bossy or emotional. Strong and assertive, yes, but surely these are leadership traits anyone would need to manage, regardless of gender.

what you need to know when your boss is a woman


the lady boss wears the pants and the skirts

Women just like men work hard to break through the glass ceiling and become managers. The only real difference between a female and a male boss is she has more office wardrobe options.

work/life balance

Family is a big part of every woman’s life. You want to keep moving up on the ladder and be dependable yet your children are first on your list. When your 7 year old gets sick at school, you want to be there for him. On the other side, you gladly make up for any lost hours later or from your home office. You focus on the goal and you get it done. It doesn’t matter when and where, but you get it done.

powerful, not bossy

This is probably one of the most popular cliches when it comes to female bosses. I’m glad to see that this perception has changed though. In reality, the female bosses I’ve come across were straight talkers but understanding, and they exuded confidence without being self-centered.

constructive criticism

While I’ve always given my staff a direct critique on areas they needed to improve, I made it a point to give them guidance how they could get there. I’ve been in their shoes once and I know how valuable constructive criticism can be. Read more on how to handle criticism at work HERE.

What is your experience with female bosses?


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  • http://thebandwagonchic.com/ Zarrah Jane

    Yeah i have an exp with a lady boss and i think some of them are using their position to be little his subordinates.

    This is just based on my exp so i think they differ on other person.

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  • http://pinksole.com/ Rachelle

    that dress is stunning on you.


  • http://lestylorouge.com/ Ashley White

    I’ve always had a female boss- girls are gettin’ it DONE! :)

    Great dress, lady!


    Le Stylo Rouge

  • Whitney

    Great words of advice. We need to stick together and support one another. Women wear so many hats that it seems that assertiveness gets confused with bossy. Not true. You look fabulous!


    Whitney & Blaire

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  • http://www.straightastyleblog.com/ Amy Ann Arnold

    I love the powerful not bossy part. This outfit definitely says boss.

    Amy Ann
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  • http://tickleyourvanity.com/ TickleyourVanity

    Great post dear! Female bosses certainly have more on their plate so being strong and powerful is not just an option but a requirement! :)

  • http://alilyloveaffair.com Anna Baun

    LOVE this post! As a lady boss myself, I love love these tips! And love this power piece! XO

  • http://www.justatinabit.com Tina Phan

    I love how you’re incorporating these work-related tips to your posts! You look great as usual!


  • http://natcrys.blogspot.com/ Natassia Crystal

    Never had female bosses during my professional life.. which happens a lot in technical environments. Though, I’m 100% positive that they are just as capable!! :)

    You look definitely like a boss in this gorgeous dress! :)

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  • Happinessatmidlife

    I’ve had one female boss when I first started my career and she was a very nurturing boss. I was really young and she really helped me out back then. Love your trench dress!

    Thank you for joining TBT Fashion link up and hope to see you next week. Have a great weekend!



  • thefashionsalt

    I’ve had several female bosses and have enjoyed working for most of them. Each of them taught me something different and guided me to preform better at my job. Love the outfit!