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Do you feel like you’re in a rut in one or more areas of your life? Are you in that repetitive cycle that is not the good, practice-makes-perfect kind of way? Being stuck in a rut, professional or personal, can stem from any number of things: fear, a feeling of helplessness, uncertainty, routine, or complacency. Recognize the fact that you’re in a rut and set it your goal to break out of the rut. Doing the same old routine is not just boring, but it’s also very under-challenging and your relationships might eventually suffer.

invite criticism

Comfort zone and habit are powerful and a lot of times you don’t even notice them unless your partner or friend points your Netflix addiction out to you. Dismantle your defensive mechanism and invite your loved ones to identify areas where you got too comfortable or routinely. They will most likely notice way before you do and by the time you have this conversation, they will sure have some ideas how you can break the rut. It’s easier said than done, but try to take these conversations not too personally. Look at them as a brainstorming session or a workshop. Something that will help you get out of your comfort zone and improve your lifestyle and / or relationships.

creative time

Have you ever had a work assignment that you’ve been working on for a while, but something is not clicking? You keep burning productive hours and force your brain to find the solution but all you end up with is frustration. Allow yourself some me time and let loose. Do something fun and creative in your free time! A lot of times working on a creative project, trying out a new recipe or a brand new workout will allow your brain to take a break and eventually connect the dots when you get back to your work project with a clear mind.

Exploring something new or meeting new people is not just part of life, but it is crucial to be able to break out of the rut.


one step at a time

As much as I like to think big and set big goals, sometimes those goals seem un-achievable, too much and frankly paralyzing. Break those goals down and take it one day at a time. Think about your successes in your past and how you got there. You achieved something by hard work and stepping outside of your comfort zone. Always keep that in mind when you feel stuck. In order to be successful, you must step outside of your comfort zone.

embrace uncertainty

Uncertainty is not something that we like, but that’s also the devil behind those boring routines and not wanting to try something else out. Embrace the uncertainties and look at them as opportunities rather than something to avoid like the pest.

Recognizing that you’re stuck and willing to take action to break out of the rut is “halfway there“.

When was the last time you felt like you were in a rut?

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    Doing something fun and creative which is out of your confortzone is such great advice for breaking out in f a rut. We all suffer from them now and then. Great post!


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