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I have a love and hate relationship with my Apple products. They are awesome, especially for someone who works a lot with photos, graphics and videos. However, after a three to five your love relationship they start to become a pain in the butt. It takes forever to load, your MacBook makes noises as if it was ready for an explosion or it shuts off whenever it seemingly pleases. All these issues affect you in a big way. You talk dirty on a Sunday afternoon, you’re pulling your hair out or you act irritated with your husband who wishes he knew what got into you this time? At the end of the day you paid a pretty penny for your MacBook or iPhone! They are not supposed throw in the towel on you this fast!

With a few tips you can actually outsmart the life span of your Apple products and get the most out of them.

avoid overcharging

I am so guilty of this. I went to sleep ALL the time and left my MacBook on the charger for overnight. Overcharging will inevitably shorten your computer’s lifespan. Apple views the lifespan of its products in terms of operational hours, not hours of existence. So, if you shut your computer off for 12 hours a day, you are effectively doubling its life span.

watch your downloads

Before you download anything, make sure it passes the “Do I really need this?” test. The more stuff you download, the longer it will take for your computer to start up.

put your MacBook to sleep

Your MacBook’s display drains your battery. Put your computer to sleep whenever you walk away from it. Also, while working, it’s best to keep your screen brightness as dim as comfortably possible. This will greatly extend your battery life.

always update

Always, always, update! Every so often, you might want to completely reinstall the optimal version of OS X for your Mac. Make sure you back up all of your important files. This will clear any random clutter that has been bogging your computer down and it will run a lot faster.


Unplug all of the accessories, external hard drives, cameras, memory card, SD cards, and anything else you may have attached to your device. We often get lazy and keep a USB or memory card in our computer ages after we are finished with it. But those two seconds of reorganizing will drastically save your battery in the long term.

keep liquid away

Clumsy ladies, listen up! I executed two, yes two of my MacBooks in the past with my clumsiness. If you spill anything sugary on your MacBook, you might as well light it on fire. They will tell you at the Apple store that you were better off buying a new Mac, rather than having it cleaned out. If you spill water on it, you might get lucky with a hairdryer (I didn’t). Another trick is to put your MacBook or iPhone into a plastic bag with a cup of rice, seal it and leave it for overnight. The rice sucks out all the liquid.

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  • http://www.justatinabit.com Tina Phan

    Heheh great tips! Once I buy a MacBook (hopefully soon) I’ll definitely keep these tips in mind!


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    I want a Macbook Air. They are so nice. We have an apple desktop and have loved it.

    Amy Ann
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  • http://www.thoroughlymodernblog.blogspot.com/ Kate

    I’ve had my macbook for over six years now! I love it but it’s definitely running slow–I’m kind of clueless with updates, but I recently took it to the genius bar and they took care of it for free. It’s probably time I clean up some files too–great advice!

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    these are great tips! you always have such fun posts!


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    Oh no, I overcharge ALL THE TIME! I need to stop!


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    These are great tips, especially putting your computer to sleep and keep liquid away! I’m always spilling something nearby.

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    This is amazing! I just got a new MacBook and will be putting these tips to use!

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    I sometimes leave my MacBook charging all night. Thanks for the very useful tips! Have a nice evening!


  • http://www.pumpsandpushups.com/ Brooke & Erica

    Thank you so much for this suggestion list! My husband and I joke that my Macbook is “my precious” because I baby it so much but thats because I paid so much for it I would hate to see anything happen to it. This being said I still have yet to get a keyboard cover or protective shell. Question for you about charging: is sleep mode the same as physically shutting it down? I am always looking for battery saving techniques. I had always heard before that batteries should only be charged when they need it and should be removed from the charger once 100% but had recently heard contradictions to this so thank you, this helped to support what I thought I was supposed to be doing. :)


  • http://tickleyourvanity.com/ TickleyourVanity

    Great tips! All these actually apply to any brand laptops and phones. Overcharging certainly reduces the lifespan of batteries! :)

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    Thanks for all these great tips. I do hate it when computers and laptops start to slow down. These tips will come in very handy.


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    Great tips!! Thanks for sharing!!
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    I actually had no idea that overcharging reduces a battery’s life span?! No wonder… Great post!

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    great tips! so guilty of overcharging!

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