what you must know about the company before you interview PLUS lessons learned

what you must know about the company before you interview REDRETICULE.COM

You can’t believe it. You got an interview! You’re all kinds of nervous and excited about getting a shot and you certainly don’t want to make any mistakes. You’ve been submitting resuming for way too long now…

You have to be prepared for your interview. Not just about your credentials, brushing up things that you got rusty at or making sure that you dress appropriate. You have to do some research about the company and the manager you’re interviewing with. I’ve been through this process recently and having some knowledge about the company you want to work for is NOT a nice to have. HR will specifically ask you what you know about the organization and why you want to work for them. You must have clear and concise answers. This is not the time to think out loud or babble.

what you must know about the company before you interview

google the company

You already did some research about the company and its basic figures prior to submitting your job application. Now it’s time to dig a little deeper. Find out more about the values and mission of the organization. Research the company’s most recent press releases, events and goals for the next five years.

google the managers who will interview you

Research both the HR manager as well as the head of department who you will be interviewing with. I like to go on LinkedIn to find out more about their professional backgrounds and how they got to where they are today.

social media presence

Most companies are present at least on one social media channel. Check out their interaction with fans and followers and any involvement in the community. Social media is a useful tool to find out what kind of news the company wants to communicate to its audience.

the details

Prepare your outfit ahead of time! This is not what you want to think about the morning of your interview. Print your CV and prepare for some routine questions like “What are your strengths and weaknesses?” or “Why are you leaving your current job?“.  Map out the route to the company and make sure to calculate in enough buffer time for potential traffic.

let it go

Accept the fact that you will make some mistakes and there may well be questions coming your way that you won’t know the correct answer for. The interviewer doesn’t necessarily wants you to give them the right answer! Instead they want to see your thought process. Whether you have an analytical mind or how you handle stress situations? Be yourself, maintain your cool, a positive attitude and keep moving forward.

sometimes it’s not meant to be

Unless you’ve under-prepared,  sometimes interviews bomb to show us that some jobs aren’t meant to be. When you go over your interview in your head, be specific about what went wrong, and decide if these indicate potential deal breakers. Were you made uncomfortable? Was there a chance for you to ask questions? Did you realize through the interview that the job wasn’t quite what you had imagined it would be? Sometimes different answers or circumstances don’t make a difference if deep down you know that this position isn’t right for you.

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  • Whitney

    Great advice! And I’m glad you included that sometimes it’s just not meant to be, because that’s reality. But when it is it’s awesome!


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    Such great advice! I love when you do these types of posts! So fun!

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    thanks for sharing this is great since i am job hunting right now… love the photos on here!! http://lovejoystyles.com

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    Thanks for this great interview advice. I will try to remember these next time I am interviewing. They are all great tips.


  • http://www.passportcouture.com/ Passport Couture

    It’s good to keep in mind that when a job doesn’t come through, it’s not necessarily a fault of yours. Sometimes it means it’s just not a good fit, and you don’t want to be in a situation where you aren’t happy! Also a great tip to mention LinkedIn and use it to see how other people got where they are now.


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    Thanks for the advice! Great post!


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    Great advice for the young fresh minds.

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  • Rita

    Interviews make me so nervous! Thank you for sharing such great tips Bogi! Like you said…mistakes are inevitable, but going in prepared and giving it your best…that’s all you can do. And one more thing to add….sometimes your interview may not be the best, but following up and keeping in touch with the hiring manager might just get you the job! :) Rita @ http://www.CoastWithMe.com

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    More great tips! I remember from business school, one of the most important things was to research the company, makes a great impression.

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