what is love?

what is love? - bogi & paul - REDRETICULE.COM

What is love?

Obvious question isn’t it? But there are so many emotions, memories and thoughts crowding your head when you try to answer the question.

Love makes you give it all up, cross an ocean and start it all over again.

Love makes you realize how much persistence, strength and willpower you really have.

Love opens doors and shows you can achieve things you never thought possible.

Love makes you feel alive.

Love makes you patient and it makes you compromise.

Love makes you prove yourself and prove everybody else wrong.

Love puts you through the lowest of lows and the highest of highs.

Love makes you stubborn and unreasonable.

Love makes you not care about wrinkles or love handles because you know you are loved.

Love makes you change up your priority list.

Love gives you the satisfaction to watch your love come out of his / her shell and be their best selves.

Love is care and work.

Love is the most powerful emotion.

what is love? - bogi & paul - REDRETICULE.COM

Love is all about being strong and not quitting when things get tough. Love demands character. Since I met my husband eight years ago, my life changed upside down. I watched my parents being strong and joyful on our wedding day knowing that their daughter was going to cross the ocean eventually. I remember them sobbing and hugging each other while we were pulling out of the yard heading to the airport. It was a crushing moment. I remember being separated from my husband for our entire first year of marriage while going through the immigration process.

I gave up a career as a project manager and a glamorous lifestyle in Germany to follow my husband to the United States.  …thinking if I could make it in Germany, the USA wouldn’t be a problem either. I remember not being able to pay our bills or finding a job. I remember arguing with him which bill had priority over the other for payment. Very insecure times both financially and personally.

I got my masters degree from a prestigious German university where I was one of the 60 selected out of 6000. …I remember my education, languages and work experience not meaning anything on this side of the pond. I remember being called a mail order bride and I remember trying to sell home made sandwiches out of my husband’s trunk at the docks (in hopes of our own business). I remember my first job in the United States as a receptionist for $10/hour. Any of you went from a high paying career to a low end job?

…and I remember not recognizing the man I married when I first got here. You really don’t know who you choose to spend the rest of your life with until you start living together. I remember the trying years we both went through on many levels in our first years of marriage.

We have come a long way and have grown together. We learned to be positive and handle challenges the best we can as a team with a little humor. Every day, I experience endless love, admiration and support from my husband that no man had ever shown me before. I feel loved.

What is love to you?


Photos by Rick Robillard

  • http://pinksole.com/ Rachelle

    oh this is such a wonderful post, so happy you found love and you guys make such a beautiful couple.


  • http://www.fabuloushabits.com Lisa Favre

    What a beautiful post… I must agree: sometimes, there’s hardships involved, but being with someone who gives you unconditional love makes all of life’s problems so much easier to get through. Wonderful couple you both are!

    Stay fab,
    Lisa Favre

  • Anna D Kart

    That is such a sweet post! I love hearing other people’s experiences and real life stories. Thank you so much for sharing

    Anna // Happy Medley

  • http://www.straightastyleblog.com/ Amy Ann Arnold

    Great post. I love learning more about you. Sounds like you two have experienced a lot together and come a long way through trials. These photos are so great!

    Amy Ann
    Straight A Style

  • http://www.coffeeandablonde.blogspot.com Victoria Fox

    This is such a great post! I never knew you were from Germany how lovey is that! I speak the language and admire the culture. I love how you shared your story so darling!

    • JJ Olsen

      She is Hungarian :)

  • Whitney

    So personal, thank you so much for sharing. You have such a wonderful story. Beautiful pictures of you both! I feel in love with my husband the moment I met him and my life has never been the same. It was a wonderful and moment in my life.


    Whitney & Blaire

    Peaches In A Pod

  • quynh tran

    Just found your blog. LOVE your style. so elegant. Great post also!

  • http://www.kelseybang.com kelsey bang

    this is the sweetest post ever! you two are so dang cute!


  • http://www.justatinabit.com Tina Phan

    Wow what a beautiful story!! Thanks for sharing! You two are adorable together!


  • http://inez-mysmallworld.blogspot.com/ Inez

    This is a beautiful story!

  • Natasha Loge

    aaahhh wow this is such a lovely story :) I just made a post about relationships too, although from a much less experienced angle. Love your blog :) http://haphazardlypreppy.blogspot.ca/2015/11/love-lives-and-snowy-pines.html

  • JJ Olsen

    Wonderful love story….I bet your husband is grateful beyond words for what you’ve done for him, what you left behind to start from nothing in a completely unfamiliar and sometimes strange culture. I love the US for skiing and fun and shopping trips but I would never be able to live there full time. I’m in awe of you for doing that for love and bouncing back as fashion guru !

    • http://redreticule.com Red Reticule

      Thank you! The past few years have pushed me and put me to the test mentally and emotionally. I am very lucky to have a supportive and loving husband.