what makes a woman irresistible

what makes a woman irresistible? REDRETICULE.COM

Ever overheard somebody calling a woman irresistible in your presence? What made them say that?

Any women out there that you find irresistible? What made them stand out? Their looks? Their charisma?

What makes a woman irresistible?

I find a woman irresistible who is confident in herself, without being too dominant. Someone who can get anything she wants with a delicate dance between kind and tough. Someone who paints her nails burgundy because it’s her style and not because that shade happens to be on trend. A woman who embraces her body with its flaws and takes care of it the best she can. Irresistible women are natural. They don’t need to wear an evening gown to be irresistible. They are irresistible in sweatpants without any makeup on. They are themselves. They don’t care about the current “ideal” of what a woman should be. They are proud of their roots and they won’t kill themselves over a few extra pounds in the hopes of a hot date. They can have a size 10 and own every room they walk into. …remember Marilyn Monroe?

A woman who wants to be the best, but she approaches the big goals as well as successes in a humble way.

A woman who is independent enough to get things done, but she is not afraid to ask for help. It really is no fun when you are so stubborn and proud that you insist on putting on the winter tires on your own. An irresistible woman plays the perfect game between soft and tough, between receptive and pushy and between calm and passionate.

An irresistible woman knows when to be a flyboy. She is funny and she is not afraid of laughing at herself.

An irresistible woman is down to earth. She thinks before she speaks and she knows to forgive. Nobody likes drama-queens except for Bravo TV.

Above all, a woman is irresistible when the most important man in her life finds her irresistible. She is irresistible when she is told that she could wear a blanket and walk around in it as if she had fur coat on. She is loved and she is irreplaceable.

Photo by Rick Robillard

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    so inspiring post!

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    Great words of encouragement and inspiring women to be more confident in who they are.


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    Inspiring words to be comfortable with yourself!

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    love this! I find confident, kind and natural women to be the most beautiful as well!

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    Thank you for sharing this, I especially love the last paragraph!