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In today’s business spotlight, I would like to introduce you to Nora from Jacket Society. I’ve been following her blog for a while now and always admired her attention to detail and the unique pieces she wears. If you want to know a thing or two about jackets and chic styling, her blog is great food for inspiration.

Get to know Nora and the story behind her shop for unique, contemporary jackets:


What inspired you to start your business?

As a fashion designer who has been working in the fashion industry for a long time, I have had my own business before, but this time I wanted to do something in a smaller scale and more specialized.  I decided to go with the jacket category not only because I love jackets, but I think there is a void in the women’s market for novelty jackets and blazers.  I started the company as a personal styling blog emphasizing the importance of jackets and what a difference they can make in your outfit and soon after I decided to design and sell my own jackets on our on-line store.

You have a wide selection of textures, fabrics and designs. Where do you find inspiration?

I am inspired by so many things in life and what’s around me daily.  I always carry a small notepad and take notes or sketch and of course take photos with my I phone of anything that inspires me when I am out and about.  I also follow all the runway shows and trend reports for each season and then come up with what I think would work for the Jacket Society line.

We see the “Do what makes you happy.” and similar slogans all over social media. From your perspective can someone succeed in a business venture with their dedication and passion “only”, without knowing much about the industry?

I think it takes a lot more than dedication and passion to succeed in any business and the fashion industry is not any different.  Being dedicated and passionate are great traits to have in the beginning but it takes a lot more than that to stay in business and keep going.  Knowing about your industry which comes from education and work experience are very important.  You need to have a combination of knowledge, dedication, passion, hard work and perseverance to succeed.  A little bit of luck never hurts.
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How much did your day-to-day change as a business owner?

I think the main difference in my schedule now that I have my own business as opposed to working elsewhere is that I basically work 24/7.  This means that there are no set hours that I start work or finish work.  It can change daily and sometimes I would take time off during the day but work at night.  I work a lot more but I don’t mind it because I love what I do and I enjoy my work. Also having the freedom of deciding my own hours is a big luxury.

In your experience what are the most important attributes to be a successful business owner?

I think you have to be determined and have a clear vision and really believe in what you are doing, work hard, persevere and never give up.  As a business owner there are a lot of ups and downs, good times and bad times.  You have to teach yourself to learn from the failures and rejoice with the successes.

What has been your biggest challenge and greatest reward in being a business owner so far?

I think the biggest challenge for a creative person like myself who is an artist or designer is to learn the business end of a design company.  I went to design school and have no business training.   I have had to teach myself about the business part and recently about the sales and marketing part of my company which are both very important.  The greatest reward is when you see your customers wearing your pieces and sending you pictures of themselves and telling you how much they love what they bought.  Or even when its just about reading your blog and learning something about fashion or styling.  I love to hear from my readers and customers.  I love the direct contact with the costumer which I have not had before when I was working in wholesale.
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What’s the best advice you wish you’d have gotten before starting a business?

To learn more about business, sales and marketing.  I actually wish I had taken some business classes after art school.  The design school that I graduated from (Otis college of Art and Design) has a very good fashion program, but I think they need to add some business, sales and marketing classes as these parts of the business are just as important as the actual design part.

Where do you see Jacket Society in 5 years?

When I started Jacket Society, it was a personal style blog emphasizing jackets and blazers, then we added the web site and I started designing and selling jackets.  Gradually we have added jewelry, scarves, shawls and ponchos.  I am hoping to expand the categories and add tops and other items.  I would also love to do more trunk shows and pop up shop events to meet one on one with our customers.  Recently I have remodeled my studio and I will be doing personal styling and shopping sessions in my studio with customers who are interested in personal appointments. I am really looking forward to this.
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Photos: Courtesy of Jacket Society

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