office holiday party look and thoughts about after work drinks…

mango red coat, shopping bag lace dress PLUS shots for after work drinks 1 - RedReticule.commango red coat, shopping bag lace dress PLUS shots for after work drinks 1 - mango red coat, shopping bag lace dress PLUS shots for after work drinks 1 - RedReticule.commango red coat, shopping bag lace dress PLUS shots for after work drinks 1 - mango red coat, shopping bag lace dress PLUS shots for after work drinks 1 - mango red coat, shopping bag lace dress PLUS shots for after work drinks 1 - mango red coat, shopping bag lace dress PLUS shots for after work drinks 1 -

This simple cut lace dress is undeniably one of my favorites. It is such an easy to pull together outfit and creates an elegant and ladylike look with a hint of delicacy. With a blazer or a long cardigan on top it is the perfect outfit for an office holiday party.

Besides, this lace dress has proved itself to be very versatile. Take a look and see HERE how I styled it for a formal cocktail event. Click HERE to see how I layered it to create the impression of a skirt for a business professional look. Oh! And the best part! Did you think that you could turn this very dress into a tunic and wear it over jeans for a casual Friday look? Take a look HERE to see how I made it work.

…and talk about that office holiday party. …and drinks. At this time of the year you have some sort of a work related holiday party on a weekly basis. You celebrate Hannukah with colleagues, attend your husband’s company dinner, participate in office potlucks, go to your company’s holiday event and you go out for drinks after work with a few colleagues. All sorts of opportunities open up to wind down, get to know the people you work with better and certainly to have a drink or two. I remember when we used to go out to the Christmas market every week with my coworkers and Thursdays used to be the “after work” club nights for business professionals.

By the end of the day you feel exhausted, frustrated over projects not going as planned, your to do list is longer than it was when you started and Jo was such a jerk anyway. After a drink or two you suddenly have a little buzz going, you are relaxed and become talkative. That’s when you start getting yourself into trouble. (..or at least I do)

I am not saying that drinks after work are a no, no, but it is certainly helpful when you know yourself and your limits. The one thing you have to keep in mind is that acting tipsy or talking too much will start gossip. (Not being tipsy or talking, just being present might start that gossip too).

The way you act off the clock will shape people’s opinions about you on the clock. You cannot “un-say” or “un-do” things. Your actions will be magnified and get totally out of proportion. You’ll find out that you did things that you don’t remember doing because you never actually did them. I remember we were out with top management for drinks during a business trip in Kazakhstan. Those guys were partying all right and a couple of us were watching it. The CEO called the German office and was joking about one of the junior managers, me, dancing on the table and drinking like a fish. Well, guess what! The other side didn’t get the joke from all the way in Astana and by the time we got back, a rumor was going around the company about me rocking it on the top of the bar. I wasn’t too thrilled about this, especially because I was the only one sober that night.

So where do I get tipsy? At home or our favorite restaurant with hubby. (I know, I know I’m probably getting old and boring.) He always jokes about me being a “cheap date”, because one glass of good prosecco does the trick.

Enjoy your next office holiday party!

outfit details

blazer – mango
lace dress – the shopping bag c/o
shoes – sole society
handbag – the limited

Photos by Rick Robillard

  • Tara

    Love the lace, red is so perfect with it!

  • Amy Ann Arnold

    Lovely lace dress. perfect with your jacket!

    Amy Ann
    Straight A Style

  • for seven seasons

    This jacket is so cool. I love that you added the tiny string belt. Such a cute touch. I completely agree about after work drinks. They can be fun, but you definitely have to be careful!

    • Red Reticule

      This jacket is so old and still one of my winter favorites. Hope you have a great weekend!

  • Kacie Ellis

    This is such a gorgeous and sophisticated holiday party look! I don’t drink so I never have to worry about saying or doing anything I’ll regret later :) Another perk of not drinking is that I remember all the funny things drunk people say and do. lol. People used to pressure me to drink but now they’re all grateful that they always have a designated driver :)

    • Red Reticule

      I like to use the excuse of being the driver as much as I can as well. I agree, it is indeed a lot of fun watching people getting tipsy and rolling from one conversation to the next. Have a great weekend, Kacie!


    wow such a gorgeous look! love the lace and blazer. Happy Holidays!

    Sabrina |

  • Jill

    I agree, its good to be social but you have to be careful when going out for drinks with coworkers. I like to just sit back and observe! Your lace dress is so pretty and it’s perfect with that jacket!

    Doused In Pink

  • Max Hansen

    Sexy skirt

  • kelsey bang

    love how you paired your lace dress with a jacket and belt! so perfect for winter!

  • Patti

    What a gorgeous lace dress! And great advice about not getting “too relaxed” at work functions. Thanks for linking,


  • Lyddiegal

    The lace and the red jacket pair so elegantly for an office appropriate holiday look.

    Chic on the Cheap

  • Lorna Mai Colour Queen

    Love how your lace dress is so versatile. The whole look is so elegant, I love the navy and deep red colour combination. You look amazing