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plaid and gray - old navy top with plaid skirt REDRETICULE.COM plaid and gray - old navy top with plaid skirt REDRETICULE.COM plaid and gray - old navy top with plaid skirt REDRETICULE.COM plaid and gray - old navy top with plaid skirt REDRETICULE.COM plaid and gray - old navy top with plaid skirt REDRETICULE.COM

Happy Friday friends! A little a throwback today with this plaid and gray casual pairing to warmer days. Good quality fabrics, clean lines and minimal layers go a long way when it comes to looking chic and effortless. As you get older, comfort, simplicity and elegance starts playing a bigger role in your closet. At least in mine. I like to be efficient in every area of my life and this is no different in getting ready for work every morning. I spend more time on my morning rituals which include eating breakfast and scrolling through social media than I do with getting dressed and putting makeup on. I always like to be comfortable without compromising my personal style and love for fashion.

I’ve found love for SIMPLE. I like things simple, transparent and uncomplicated. I am more careful with trends and I only jump on the bandwagon if it truly speaks my style. You know, I really can’t stand an overflowing closet. (I am sure my husband will love this line) I love to keep my home decor to a minimal, elegant level. Now, really! Who likes to move a million little things on 12 shelves, dust them, dust the shelves and then organize all of them back. I’ve got other things to do. While talking about simple, I started getting back to basics in the kitchen as well and cook with simple and fresh ingredients. Nothing more frustrating than those “easy” recipes with 32 ingredients and you realize half way through that you need to run to the store (or substitute) the 33rd ingredient that you don’t have in your pantry.

Wishing you all a relaxing weekend!

outfit details

tee – old navy
skirt – hand made by a friend
shoes – nine west
handbag – nine west

Photos by Rick Robillard

  • Lajosne Bacsi

    mert aki ilyen szép, és fiatal, az egyszerűen is tökéletes

  • Tara | The Mix

    Such a pretty skirt, you look gorgeous!

  • The Adored Life

    Happy Friday! I hope you have an amazing weekend! This is such a pretty outfit!

    The Adored Life

  • Lisa @ Daily Style Finds

    I am with you on simplifying – and my husband would love it if my closet was as “empty” as his. It is a work in progress. I really like how you mixed a grey tee with a plaid pencil skirt – and how dressy it looks. Have a great weekend, Bogi!

    Daily Style Finds

  • Victoria Fox

    Loving this look so much on you! Those shoes are so amazing and that skirt is so darling! Happy Weekend!

  • Amy Ann Arnold

    I send to love simple too. Your plaid skirt is so classic and pretty. The lines on those heels are fab!

    Amy Ann
    Straight A Style

  • Kacie Ellis

    This might just be my favorite outfit of yours! Love the simple tee with the plaid skirt!

  • for seven seasons

    This skirt is unreal! I love the cut and shape of it! Can’t believe your friend made it–they must be really talented!

  • Lindsey Puls

    How cool that your skirt was handmade by a friend! I love your heels, too!


  • itsshania

    Nice plaid skirt love the outfit, you look gorgeous, have a great weekend.

    Also I’m new to blogging please check out my blog and tell me what you think…thanks.

  • alex

    Love the sophisticated look! Alex

    Into the Woods