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Indigo skirt suit with classic pumps. Corporate style. Plus thoughts on leading when you're not the boss. REDRETICULE fashion and style blogIndigo skirt suit with classic pumps. Corporate style. Plus thoughts on leading when you're not the boss. REDRETICULE fashion and style blogIndigo skirt suit with classic pumps. Corporate style. Plus thoughts on leading when you're not the boss. REDRETICULE fashion and style blog Indigo skirt suit with classic pumps. Corporate style. Plus thoughts on leading when you're not the boss. REDRETICULE fashion and style blog

leading when you are not the boss

Ever thought about it? Do you necessarily have to have a fancy title and people to supervise to be a leader? Ever noticed a (subtle) shift in your coworkers’ appearance or attitude towards their jobs after you came on board? Did they tell you directly or indirectly that they wanted to be like you? Leaders stand out not only for their individual contributions, but also for their ability to inspire others and to create a sense of community. I am not talking in big terms here. I am referring to your professional demeanor, how you carry yourself and how you treat others. I am referring to your work ethic and whether you are willing to go the extra mile no matter the size of the project.

leading when you are not the boss

lead by example

Simply having a positive attitude can have a huge effect on morale. Don’t believe it? Just consider how much one person’s negative attitude can derail a project or create a divisive atmosphere. Enthusiasm is contagious and it is certainly much better for productivity.

the coffee chatter

You can truly get to know your colleagues and managers by skipping the usual weather chats. I was talking about a fun bike ride my husband and I had last Sunday and found out about two of the coolest bike routes in our area. Not just that, but I got to know my coworkers a little better by having a conversation about fun date ideas and burning calories while having fun. I don’t do these conversations on a daily basis. Essentially I get paid to get the job done. These chats are usually no longer than 10 minutes, yet they go a long way when building solid work relationships.

be proactive

Again, I don’t mean for you to volunteer to lead the next project when you are already super busy. Pro-activity comes down to asking questions that nobody has asked and try to prepare an answer. It means thinking of the next step and getting it done. It means when you get to a hurdle, you’ll figure it out. And if there is no solution to the left or to the right, you don’t stop there. You go up and down and explore all the potential solutions you can possibly think of. Being proactive means doing what you can within your authority without the need of being told what to do next.

celebrate others

Whether you adore Suzi’s professional suit or you congratulate the next person on their successful project or their 10 year anniversary with the company, recognize the people around you and compliment them. It really only takes one sentence and a smile.

What do you think are the essential leadership qualities?

outfit details

shirt – white house black market
blazer – the limited
skirt – the limited
pumps – m.gemi
earrings – swarovski

leading when you are not the boss

Photos by Rick Robillard

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by Kim Thomas at Mode

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    Great tips, you look so chic!

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    You have so many great tips, these are great for anyone. Regardless of their level. And you can never go wrong with a good power suit.


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    These are such great tips, and I love this suit on you! You look so chic and polished!
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    You look so polish in this suit. Thanks for those useful tips and happy Monday!

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    I love these tips!! I think that it’s so important to get past talking about weather with your coworkers to have a truly cohesive working environment!

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    Love this skirt suit and great tips!

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    You always have the best life advice! You look so polished and like a classy lady boss!
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    You look like such a girlboss! Love this polished look, Bogi!

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    Great tips and perfect outfit! Remembering to listen to what others have to say and taking their thoughts into account is also an important part of leadership. Some people think being the boss is all about being in charge and giving commands, but it’s also about learning to take in other ideas and seeing if they can be used for your organization.

    I also loved your ideas of sharing ideas beyond usual chitchat without getting too personal. I often find people want to share too much about themselves and I definitely have a boundary between my personal and professional life. I don’t mind discussing ideas and brief topics about my life outside of work, but I don’t like to share everything either. If I become friends with someone at work, great, but I want to have a trusted, professional relationship first.

  • jess

    Very spiffy and sharp outfit! Very good leadership tips. I think one can look the part even without the title, much is about confidence

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    Elegant office suit dear, love blue for daily…Nice tips to

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    These tips are so helpful and I have found that they truly do make the difference as I think about them. You really do show your confidence as a leader, and I thank you for it.
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