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As some of you may know, I feel strongly about advocating women owned businesses. In my business spotlight series, I introduce lady bosses and their success stories to you. Hopefully the stories of these strong women can inspire you at your day job, future plans or every day life.

Today, I want you to meet the Avra Myers, the owner of A Ruby.  What really appealed to me first at A Ruby is their wearable, effortless yet feminine collection. Their clothing is versatile and the fabrics are so comfortable for all day wear. A Ruby’s mission is that “getting dressed should be easy and make you look good

But let me have Avra tell you more about A Ruby.


What inspired you to start A Ruby?

“After working in the fashion industry for many years, I saw a need for easy, chic, stylish clothing for active women. I decided I wanted to help women get dressed in the morning. I set out to create clothes that make women just a little happier, a little more confident and offer a bit of ‘je ne sais quoi’, at a reasonable price.”


What is your inspiration behind your collection?

“I was inspired by Parisian women and their effortless style, as well as the women I see throughout my travels around the world and in my own town of Boston.”


What has been your greatest challenge and greatest reward with A Ruby?

“It is a challenge to start a new business and stay focused on my vision of ‘making it easier for women to get dressed’. The reward is making my customers happy with their A Ruby purchases.”


What are your best practices / rules to build a functional and transparent wardrobe?

“To start off, rules are meant to be broken…

Nonetheless here are a few rules:

  1. Keep it simple, choose comfortable, flattering items that can take you through the day and into evening.
  2. Buy what you love that makes you feel good!
  3. Less is more, invest in good quality, lasting style and update your wardrobe each season with a few special pieces.”


What is style vs. fashion to you?

“Style is lasting and timeless… fashion is fleeting and gets tired quickly.”

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Photos – Courtesy of A Ruby

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