the essential black blazer

the essential black blazer -

Whether you work in the corporate world or not, having a structured, black blazer in your closet is a must. A classic blazer is one of those pieces in your wardrobe that will go with absolutely anything. It is the go-to jacket for client meetings or a trusty piece for one of those days when you’re not sure what might come your way at work. It polishes up any of your casual looks and serves as a life saver when you need to layer, but it’s not quite time for the winter coat yet.

the essential black blazer

Pairing a black blazer with pencil skirts and fitted trousers is the obvious choice. The same blazer rounds up the jeans and t-shirt outfits perfectly by creating a shabby, chic look. Perfect for casual Fridays. It polishes up your shorts or leggings and it pairs wonderfully with A-line skirts or dresses coupled with a belt to accentuate your waist. Investment pieces like a black, structured blazer pair really well with trendy elements; it adds so much class and extra polish to those looks.

the essential black blazer - the essential black blazer - the essential black blazer - the essential black blazer - the essential black blazer -

the essential black blazer

The black blazer is a forever wardrobe staple, hence I recommend for you to choose one with good quality and that fits you well. Although it doesn’t need to be ridiculously expensive or high-end, the blazer does need to fit you perfectly and work with your body type. If you want to appear taller, choose a blazer that’s longer. If you want to accentuate your waistline, make sure it’s fitted in the waist area.

When it comes to blazers, one of the easiest ways to subtly differentiate your look is to use it as outerwear. Rather than having it as a mid layer or sticking to classic combinations, some clever layering and a little bit of imagination can completely transform the aesthetic of the piece. So when it’s cold outside, but not so much that you would need a coat, your blazer can be the perfect alternative and would serve the purpose just as well as any other jacket.

Wardrobe staples, such as a structured blazer must be versatile since it’s an essential piece of clothing. It has to be of good quality: it has to fit you perfectly and made out of high quality fabric since you will rely on that piece over and over again. Your staples must have classic designs with clean and simple lines. You want to be able to wear those pieces for many years. These garments, like everything in your closet, should have all the qualities of a 10, and because they form the basis of your stylish wardrobe, it’s okay to spend a little more on these than you would on other, less essential, items.

the essential black blazer

Photos by Rick Robillard

  • Edwige A.

    SUch a cute and versatile blazer! Look great with everything you style it with. Classy and chic!

    Edwige |

  • Lorena Lorena

    I could not agree more… a black blazer can take you places ! My fave is one from Theory, the structure is just superb.

  • jess

    Bogi, i love all of the looks you shared. Very chic and stylish. Especilally love the lace top and all black look
    thanks for linking up with turning heads tuesday
    jess xx