mood shots

One of the “by-products” of this fashion blog are what Rick and I call “mood shots”. Collaborations in different topics and weather conditions have forced us indoors over the years. Whether it was mother nature or our idea to push the boundaries, indoor shots have been challenging and rewarding at the same time.

Going outside in pretty much any weather condition, trying to catch the best light, compose the shot, focus the camera and act like it’s 75 degrees, when it’s actually 38 isn’t the easiest thing to do on a consistent basis. But shooting indoors comes with its challenges as well. I actually find indoor shots much more difficult to do. Especially if you work with a small space, you lose all the background. So now you either create context to the shot or present a truly eye catching, dramatic outfit that needs no background or you take the outfit out of the picture and focus on the mood. Indoor shots require knowledge / experience in lighting technique, composition, exuding a certain mood or feeling, capturing that mood and creativity in posing. Working with limited backdrop materials and space adds to the challenge and makes the process time consuming. Our little team is far from being professional; we do this for fun and to push ourselves. However, looking back at some of the photos I am excited. We certainly had some “let’s forget about this shot” photos, but some of the favorites I am sharing with you today are among the successful shots. What do you think?

This type of photography goes hand in hand with classic and timeless fashion in my view. The photos focus more on the silhouette and design, less on colors and prints.

Artistic indoor photography. RedReticule.comIMG_8610-Edit-Edit-Editd authentic REDRETICULE.COM coffee break at bean there coffee shop, dillards dress, red reticule collection, fossil watch, sole society pumps, red reticule 4 IMG_0312-Edit IMG_5045-Edit IMG_5165-Edit-Edit IMG_5169-Edit-2 IMG_5226-Edit
IMG_8664-Edit inspired by marlene - thoughts on shopping and personal style REDRETICULE.COM morning coffee - 1 the boss untitled-71-Edit winding down, fabrizio gianni jeans, banan republic top 3

Photos by Rick Robillard

  • Lorena Lorena

    Such an amazing set of pictures… I really like that one of you with longer hair and the one where you are pointing to your head.

  • The Adored Life

    I always enjoy seeing the sort of more artistic style that photographers and bloggers have beyond “style photos” so this was a super fun post to read!

    The Adored Life