You have the most amazing pieces that you make and sell and you want them to be noticed and get those sales numbers through the roof.


You are not ready to pay a ton to hire models, a photographer and a marketing expert. You are also not interested in working with someone who delivers less than the quality your product deserves and the exposure you are looking for.


Wonder why that other shop’s products are selling and yours don’t? Their stuff looks so far from the quality yours convey!


You deserve to work with someone who understands that your business is your life and success is your only option. You want someone who displays your products through magazine quality images, tells a story or conveys a mood and gets you exposure on social media.


I’m Bogi, a cheerleader of entrepreneurs who is passionate about playing a part in making your dreams come true. I am the creator and owner of Red Reticule and use this space as the vessel to get new businesses like yours noticed.


I’ve always had an eye for creative art, fashion and all things beautiful early on.  I designed my own clothes for many years. I always had a love for fashion but never really cared about all the latest and greatest trends. I care about personal style and use fashion to encourage women to create their own signature styles.

You have something unique and outstanding that you know women would love… – but somehow your products are not getting the exposure and you’re not getting the sales you desire. 

Let’s work together to make a difference in the perception of your products, and get you the exposure you deserve on social media platforms.

Feel free to email me at info(at)redreticule.com.

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