You want your pieces to get noticed.


You want your designs getting second glances. 


You want to convey a story with the creativity you possess.



You’re a business owner who took the leap to do what you love and what you are passionate about. You’ve got some really awesome, unique and feminine products that no one takes notice of, let alone buys. You work tirelessly to make your dreams come true — including spending a lot of money on things like your shop, store and inventory.



Except now? You’re sitting on a ton of inventory that’s not moving.



You’ve tried giveaways on Facebook, tweeted and instagrammed your heart out and… nothing is happening. You’ve worked with some bloggers to get exposure but you haven’t gotten the results you wanted.



You’re stuck with bills that won’t stop coming. You feel pressure. You’ve even woken up in the middle of the night, freaking out about your business.



It doesn’t have to be this hard.



I am the “crazy Hungarian” with a unique eye on fashion, trends and personal style. I create a story, emotions and mood around your products and package them into a visually creative and appealing post. I will make your product, your design, your brand the centerpiece of the feature post. It’s about you and your success.



I have over 60,000 monthly page views and about 13,000 followers across social media channels.



I am ready to work hard to deliver you high quality images that inspire — ones that rival magazines. I will showcase the versatility and the delicate detailing of your products. And the best part? I will post your product several times within a month — because I am a real woman and I am speaking to REAL women out there who wear the same skirt more than once.



I will be your cheerleader on Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram and inspire those wonderful and loyal followers I am proud to have.


You’ll get that stuck inventory moving, and into hands of women that love your product!


Open the prosecco. Pop the champagne. Things are about to become amazing.



“Bogi, You’ve been a true inspiration to me! Your work ethic is unmatched and your desire to constantly improve has made me a better photographer. The thing that impresses me most is that your integrity. It’s so deeply ingrained in you that doing anything other than the right thing isn’t even considered. We give away many things in life. A helping hand and a friendly smile are examples but the one thing we never give away is respect. We always make people earn that and you have certainly earned mine.”  — Rick Robillard

Are you ready?

Email to bogi(at)hamptonroadsfashionandstyle(dot)com or use the below form to get started.